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Africa (AfDEA)

African Dental Education Association (AfDEA)

The mission of the African Dental Education Association (AfDEA) is to promote advancement in dental education, training and research with the ultimate objective of improving oral and general health, especially in the African region. AfDEA serves as a forum for the initiation and dissemination of ideas in the field of dental education, training and research, and fosters communication among dental educators in Africa and other parts of the world.

The association was held its inaugural meeting in conjunction with the 2007 Global Congress on Dental Education III in Dublin, Ireland. Sixteen delegates from 10 African countries including Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe participated in this historic event.

AfDEA’s Constitution, which was approved unanimously in September 2007, describes the following objectives for the association:

  1. Promote the advancement of dental education.
  2. Provide an organized, unified, and informed forum for the determination of African and international policies in dental education.
  3. Promote, co-ordinate and monitor quality assurance in dental education and training in Africa.
  4. Promote the exchange of staff, students and programmes among dental education and training institutions in Africa.
  5. Stimulate, encourage and facilitate cooperative effort and mutual assistance among dental educators in Africa.
  6. Stimulate the production, exchange and dissemination of ideas and information among dental educators, educators of other health care professions, and educators in the community of higher education.
  7. Establish and maintain liaison with appropriate governmental and non-governmental agencies that may further the development, support and improvement of dental education, research and service.
  8. Provide necessary African link with other regional and multinational organisations concerned with dental education.

AfDEA is governed by a General Assembly and is managed by an Executive Committee that is elected by the General Assembly. At its initial meeting, the General Assembly elected Professor Tshepo Gugushe, Director of the School of Dentistry at the University of Limpopo in South Africa to serve as two year term as President of the Association. Dr. Papa Ibrahima Ngom, Assistant Professor of Orthodontics at the University Cheikj Anta Diop in Senegal was elected for a three year term of Executive Secretary. Dr. Lorna Carneiro of the Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences School of Dentistry in Tanzania was elected to a three year term as Treasurer.

While still in the early stages of its development, the Association is already beginning to develop its programmatic efforts. The association is developing its website (www.afdea.org) which will serve as a forum for information exchange and collaboration among the association’s members, and is developing a database of dental schools and training institutions throughout Africa. The Association is also planning a situational analysis of dental education in Africa and is beginning discussions of accreditation and quality assurance strategies for dental education in Africa.

Contact Information

AfDEA Executive Secretary
Dr Papa Ibrahima NGOM
Assistant Professor of Orthodontics
Department of Dentistry
Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry
University Cheikh Anta Diop
Email: ibrahimngom@orange.sn