IFDEA Review Process

The Editor’s office will acknowledge receipt of your submission by email.
Review Process

Manuscripts and other content will be peer-reviewed by individuals, selected by the Editor, who have expertise and experience pertinent to the topic of the submission. For certain submissions, IFDEA employs a blind peer review process. The Editor reviews all submissions. The review process can take up to three months. If a submission is not accepted, the author will receive the reviewers’ comments, but copies will not be returned. It is possible that the material reviewed will be recommended for submission to or publication in an alternate venue, such as the Journal of Dental Education, MedEdPORTAL, or other such entity.

Preparing the Final Manuscript or Other Content

If the manuscript is accepted or provisionally accepted, an edited version will be returned to the author with the reviewers’ comments for the author’s approval, possible rewriting, and retyping. At that time, the Editor may also provide the author with the production guidelines, which outlines the style and formatting requirements. After the author has made the requested changes, it is returned for final review and editing to the Editor.

Copyright Transfer

Also on acceptance or provisional acceptance of the manuscript or other content for publication, the Editor will provide the author with a copyright transfer form. This form specifies that the work is original and that the author holds all rights in the article and is transferring them to IFDEA for paper and online publication. If coauthored, all authors must sign the copyright transfer form.

Proof Review

Authors may receive proofs of their submission, along with instructions for marking and returning it to the Editor.

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